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Shareholders & Corporate Governance

COIL is a Belgian company, publicly quoted on Euronext Growth (ALCOI).

The General Meeting of shareholders appoints the Board of Directors of the Company. The Board of Directors reports on an annual basis to the shareholders in the Annual General Meeting.

The strategy of Coil is the responsibility of the Board of Directors. It is aimed at maximising the sustainable, long term free cash flow of the business as the best way to deliver value to shareholders.

The execution of this strategy is the responsibility of the Company's management according to objectives and budgets approved by the Board of Directors.

The relationship between the Company, its shareholders and its Board of Directors is defined in Belgian Company Law, the Statutes of the Company and French and Belgian Securities Laws.

As a publicly quoted company, Coil is required to disclose financial and legal information and press releases on a timely basis.

Shareholders, investors and analysts are invited to consult the dedicated financial web-site of the Company on:

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