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Policy Statement

As a global player in the continuous anodizing of aluminum coils, Coil wants to present itself as a company that pays attention to sustainability. In terms of product quality and services, environment and energy, health and safety Coil anchors this in ISO certified management systems.

Within Coil we are in all areas of product quality and services, the environment and energy, health and safety, committed to:

  • A process of continuous improvement at all levels;
  • Compliance with all legal and other regulations to which Coil commits itself;
  • Protecting the environment and the prevention of pollution;
  • A safe and healthy working environment;
  • Prevention and investigation of all types of damage, accidents and injuries;
  • Identifying hazards, assessing risks and taking corrective measures;
  • Viewing all the environmental, energy, safety -and health issues in the design and purchase of products and services;
  • Providing resources and knowledge to employees, to form goals, implement and evaluate them;
  • Investments in efficiency installations, infrastructure and the best available technologies;
  • The provision of procedures and instructions, and sanctions for non-compliance of them;
  • Order, cleanliness and hygiene.

With this policy, Coil also wants to meet the expectations of our customers, employees, the society we live in, and all other stakeholders with whom we consult. We appreciate the participation and ideas of our employees; whom we offer an HR policy with a focus on diversity, skills and performance, training and career, remuneration and evaluation. All employees of Coil at each level are equally important, and have common responsibilities for the efficient and sustainable functioning of the company.

As for the quality of our products and services Coil aims the following:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction;
  • Reducing the quality costs;
  • Converting customer requirements for product conformity;
  • The detection of any quality problems and the implementation of corrective measures;
  • Coil looks primarily for consensus in litigation.

With regard to environment and energy Coil aims to:

  • Avoid environmental incidents;
  • Monitor and reduce water consumption;
  • Improvement of the quality of the waste water;
  • Monitor energy consumption;
  • Reduce energy consumption by using it in the most efficient way;
  • Reduce primary energy consumption by switching to more renewable forms of energy with less CO2;
  • Proactively reduce other environmental impacts.

In relation to health and safety we carry following mottos of paramount importance:

  • Coil considers occupational health and safety as an important goal and priority obligation.
  • Taking into account health and safety, is associated with each task we perform and every decision we make.
  • Each employee within Coil is obliged to watch over his own health and safety, and that of his colleagues
  • Health and safety is everyone's responsibility.
  • Safety awareness is essential and is promoted.
  • Health and safety must be negotiable at any time and any place.
  • Health and safety is an indicator of the quality of the entire organization.



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