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There are the following key issues when considering quality:

  • Will the product have a perfectly consistent finish when it is delivered?
  • What will that perfectly consistent finish look like after, 5, 10, 20 years or more?

Why is the guarantee important?

Over the longer term, the most likely damage through material failure will be aesthetic. The assessment of legal damages for aesthetic failure is notoriously difficult to assess. Therefore, there is no substitute for long term on site performance. A Company which is confident of its performance can easily deliver a clear, simple, unambiguous guarantee – it is not a marketing tool – it is a fact.

Consistency of finish

Our process parameters (see Quality above) will ensure that the product which is delivered has a genuine and consistent metallic finish and feel with very tightly controlled gloss and colour levels suitable for use across even very large surface areas.

Poor quality continuous anodising or poor quality metal will be cheaper but never give a consistent finish
Batch anodised sheets do not permit the same gloss/colour consistency, whatever the quality of the metal used.

Despite all the efforts made by the paint industry to distort the truth, paint or varnish is a pure coating which is can never provide a genuine metallic finish and feel. Paint is paint, whether on aluminium, steel or any other material.


Good quality continuous anodising and batch anodising have an undefined service life because failures of the anodic layer are virtually unheard of – the product which has been used for over 50 years. Further, natural and electrolytically coloured anodising cannot fade because the aspect of the metal is achieved optically, not through organic dyes.

The truth about paint guarantees

With this in mind, the paint industry has sought to support its products through product names and guarantees which are designed to reassure architects and developers of the integrity of their product. These guarantees are often supplied by the paint manufacturer and not by the paint applier. In this case, they are simply worthless. These guarantees run into several pages – because behind the guarantee there are extensive exclusions or maintenance obligations – again often rendering the guarantee worthless.

The Coil Guarantee

Because of the proven on-site performance of the continuously anodised product and its intrinsic qualities (consistent aspect and UV-proof), Coil (as the company responsible for the end product) makes available a short, straightforward, quibble free guarantee of its products from 10 years up to a full design life guarantee. Please consult us for details.

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