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Because it is an electro-chemical process, continuous anodising will ensure perfect uniformity of surface even on complex surfaces.

Further, the continuous process permits pre-perforated aluminium coil to employed in the anodising process.

The result is that perforated aluminium can be produced with full colour uniformity and anodic protection on both the flat surface and inside the perforations. This guarantees the long term corrosion protection of the material and perfect colour uniformity.

Because of the perforated surface, C-Thru is a product which permits uniform anodising  and colour on both front and back of the metal.

C-Thru is available in a full range of both standard and custom perforation patterns.

C-Thru is available in a range of Natural and UV-proof coloured finishes. A wider range of organic colours is available for interior applications. C-Thru is ideally suited to applications such as ceilings and highway sound barriers.

C-Thru is available for interior use:

Product sheet C-THRU MATT 10

and for exterior use, with different levels of film thickness from 15 microns to 25 microns according to the location and surrounding environment of the building.

Specifications for the two most commonly specified material are given below:

Product sheet C-THRU MATT 15

Product sheet C-THRU MATT 20

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