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The metallic surface colour and finish and corrosion resistance of stainless steel is highly popular across the construction, domestic appliance and other industries.

Unfortunately, stainless steel brings with it a number of disadvantages. It is heavy, expensive, less environmentally friendly to produce and more difficult to recycle. As anyone who has had a stainless steel domestic appliance knows, it attracts and retains fingerprint marks which are difficult to eliminate. On building facades, it can be easily irrecoverably scratched in maintenance.

C-Brush is a brushed aluminium surface which is then anodised and slightly coloured using UV-proof colouring. The aspect is the same as for stainless steel but without any of the drawbacks.

C-Brush is available in a range of Natural and UV-proof coloured finishes. A wider range of organic colours is available for interior applications.

Detailed product specifications are as follows:

Product sheet C-BRUSH Gold G40

Product sheet C-BRUSH Light Gold G20

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