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C-Bond offers a highly decorative and corrosion resistant surface treatment, suitable for all bonding applications.

Thanks to the enhanced anodic layer, it withstands hot gluing processes generally used to manufacture composite panels. All other applications, where adhesive strength is essential, C-Bond provides the perfect solution because of the clean and porous backside structure.

The market for aluminium composite panels has grown at a very fast rate over recent years to create a competitively priced external and internal building panel.

This type of panel has the advantage of price over solid panels but the composite layer renders the product difficult and expensive to recycle and presents greater fire hazards.

Until recently, composite panels have been only readily available in painted finishes. They, therefore, are subject to fading, corrosion and failure. Metallic finishes seeking to replicate a genuine metallic finish become dull and flat with time.

Composite panels typically use thin aluminiun, which cannot support thick anodic protection required to ensure maximum corrosion resistance for facade applications.

In 2012, Coil introduced C-Bond on thin gauge aluminium combining anodising with a specially developed sealing process.

The result is a thin gauge aluminium sheet with similar corrosion performance as C-Wall and which can be perfectly bonded onto the composite layer.

C-Bond is the only authentic anodised surface treatment in the market for composite, honeycomb and sandwich panels.


Product sheet C-BOND BRITE

Product sheet C-BOND BRUSHED


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