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Coil continuous anodising

Continuous anodising is a very versatile process.

The flexible film created as part of the process permits post-transformation.

The film thickness can be modulated permitting the surface to be engineered to the end-use. Because it is an electro-chemical process and not an organic coating (e.g. paint), it can perfectly and uniformly protect textured surfaces.

Anodising is the only way to maintain the authentic metallic aspect of the aluminium and because it is very durable, it is used widely in the construction industry. The principal use of continuous anodising is, therefore, in building facades, exterior building trim and interior ceiling and wall panels. Several different qualities and finishes exist depending on the surface area and the exposure of the metal (matt, bright, brushed, textured, corrugated) etc.

It is also used on other applications where decorative aspect is more important than corrosion resistance (domestic appliances, kitchens, luggage).

Continuous anodising can be combined with coating to permit effective corrosion on thin gauge metal which could not otherwise support a thick anodic film.

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