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Cassettes & panels

COIL’s signature product. Authentic metallic matt finish architectural sheet available in a wide range of widths, gauges, anodic film thickness, UV-proof colours and qualities to suit a whole range of interior and exterior architectural applications.

Honeycomb and sandwich panels

Our continuous anodising permits a low to medium temperature gluing process suitable for the manufacturing of honeycomb and sandwich panels.

Aluminum composite panels

A new process now permits composite panel manufacturers to offer a genuine anodised aluminium finish which resists the heat in the manufacturing process and offers similar corrosion protection to that available on a solid aluminium sheet.

Textured products

Continuous anodising (being an electro-chemical treatment) ensures total and uniform coverage of brushed and embossed surfaces and an authentic metallic finish - ideal for design and architectural applications.

Design interior / exterior

Continuous anodising is now widely used as a design material in automotive trim and consumer electronics as well as other high end consumer products, such as kitchens and luggage. A wide of textures and colours is available.


Continuous anodising can be employed with pre-perforated aluminium ensuring a totally uniform and economical finish. Suitable for use in architectural and design features, ceilings and highway sound barrier applications.

Wall & Roofing

Low micronage continuously anodised aluminium in coil form available in a number of widths and colours which can be employed in coil form for on-site construction of raised seam roofing.

Welded tubes

Low micronage continuous anodising of coils prior to fabrication of welded tubes provides a highly economic anodic finish when compared to post-anodising. Available in a range of dimensions and colours.

Technical & functional

High speed continuous anodising combined with proprietary sealing technology on thin gauge metal can provide a pre-treatment for a range industrial applications.

Spacer bars

COIL is able to carry out flash anodising at high speed of thin gauge aluminium. This technical treatment improves the speed and performance of the subsequent welding process.


Genuine continuously anodised interior trim has both the visual and tactile qualities to convey an image of quality, not available from plastics or paint. Anodising can also be employed as a technical surface preparation for non-trim applications.

About Coil: 40 Years aluminium

For over 40 years, Coil has been the world market leader in continuous anodising of aluminium in coil form and offers to customers throughout the world the largest range of products and dimensional capacity. Coil sets the standard for quality in continuous anodising.

Aluminium is an exceptional, modern metal. Anodising further enhances the intrinsic quality of aluminium by providing a hard, smooth surface which maintains the authentic metallic sheen of the aluminium. Anodised aluminium has exceptional durability and is 100% recyclable through simple re-melting.

Continuous anodising is a highly economic and controlled process which permits the anodising of aluminium flat rolled products whilst still in coil form. The process permits a perfectly consistent finish from coil-to-coil and from batch-to-batch permitting it to be confidently employed, for example, on large building facades with perfect, guaranteed gloss and colour consistency.

Coil has been the world leader in terms of size and quality in the industry for the last 40 years. Its 5 production lines based in Belgium and Germany have a capacity of 50 000 tonnes and are capable of treating coils of up to 2 200mm in width and 3.5mm in gauge; anodic film thickness can be modulated from sub-micronic to 25 microns.

Metal treated at Coil has been regularly specified by the world’s leading architects for the world’s most iconic buildings. The authentic, consistent metallic aspect of Coil’s continuously anodised aluminium is also used widely in design and high-end consumer goods.

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