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Continuous Anodising

Continuous anodising is the anodising of aluminium coils whilst still in coil form. Following anodising, the coils are typically broken down into sheets.

Alternatively, anodising may be carried out in a vertical or ‘batch’ process whereby individual components are placed on racks and then immersed into treatment baths. This process which is the only process which can be used for aluminium in other forms (profiles, castings, pre-formed pieces) is less well suited for the production of sheets because of unsightly clip marks which are left on the metal and gloss and colour consistency which cannot be guaranteed.

Continuous anodising is a fully automated process which permits perfect control of the aspect of the metal, not just from coil to coil but also over different production batches. Therefore, continuous anodising is ideally suited to large surface areas where different gloss levels or colour differences may spoil the premium appearance of an anodised façade.

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