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Aluminium Substrate

Because the anodic film generated by the anodising process is transparent, any defects in the underlying aluminium substrate will remain visible after anodising.

The use of poor quality metal and/or poor quality anodising will result in panel gloss or colour variations or poor surface quality which can ruin the finished product – whether viewed from close or long range.

For example, in many Asian countries – where no continuous anodising capabilities exist -, anodising was, until recently, regarded as an inferior product. A combination of poor quality anodising on poor quality metal had always produced an inconsistent finish. Now Coil is rapidly changing all that by setting a new quality benchmark for anodised aluminium for architecural applications.

In order to ensure a perfect finish, the aluminium used must be free of surface defects and to ensure reproducability must have gloss levels which are totally consistent on a coil-to-coil and batch-to-batch basis.

For any product where the aluminium aspect is important, Coil exclusively employs Anodising Quality (AQ) aluminium, which is only available from a small number of European suppliers and a single Japanese supplier.

The added cost of an AQ substrate – where the metal supplier guarantees a perfect and consistent metal finish coil-to-coil and production batch-to-production batch – is essential to achieve Coil quality.

Coil has for 40 years worked in close collaboration with the leading quality metal suppliers in Europe to develop a world-class quality product. Coil is still, today, the only supplier of continuous anodising services to aluminium industry leaders such as Novelis, Hydro, Aleris and Constellium.

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